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99 bottles of BOOZE on the wall…

Contents of the Single Barrel
Contents of the Single Barrel

This is how much you get if you buy a full SINGLE BARREL of whiskey from the Jack Daniel Distillery. You could throw one hell of a party with all of that—but I guess the poor need not apply.

This would set you back several thousand dollars


Broken Things revived


Passing through country roads you are apt to see just about anything. Driving through Christiana, Tennessee was this jewel. The old truck has long ended its running days and was salvaged as an advertisement tool by the local eatery Miller’s Grocery.

It is great to see things that have outlived their usefulness find another way to be useful. The first sudden memory that I had was the old red truck from the Sanford and Son TV show—-yeah, I guess it COULD be!


Well, I have been blogsurfing lately and have enjoyed many many different kinds of photo style blogs. Many of those I have saved to my blog list for future looks.

Most are full of beautiful pictures only–some have beautiful pictures and some great “thoughts and anecdotes” and some just have a picture and “thoughts and anecdotes.”

My desire for this blog was to just use it as a place to show off my photos but then I discovered that I was also placing the same photos on my Facebook page (AWJ Photography) and Flickr so I’ve set out to make a change.

I want this blog to tell the stories of the photos; sights, sounds, smells and give history and my own two cents worth of information—

SO, COMING SOON!  This same blog turns into my NEW blog. Same title, new look and content. I’m looking forward to telling you the story behind the photos and not just showing you photos.

My Facebook page and Flickr accounts will not change–they will continue to host the full albums.

My vacation is coming up in a week, so look for changes SOON!


Downtown Nashville 5-24-15

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Me and Julie took a stroll around downtown Nashville after visiting my dad at the hospital on May 24.

It was crowded as usual and we enjoyed the nice big city feel, we also visited the candy store on Broadway and got a sensuous olfactory experience!

20150524_194641 20150524_195013 20150524_195032 20150524_195239 20150524_195507 20150524_195824-1 20150524_212505_001-1

Murfree Springs 4-22-15

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I took Julie and her Mom Janet on a trip around the wetlands boardwalk at Murfree Springs while they were visiting from Illinois.

The wildflowers were just barely continuing to bloom.

IMG_4756 IMG_4760-1 IMG_4760-2 IMG_4765-2 IMG_4768-2 IMG_4772 IMG_4774-3 IMG_4779 IMG_4793 IMG_4811

Rutledge Falls (Short Springs State Natural Area) 3-28-15

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While technically NOT located inside Short Springs, no trip to Short Springs would be complete without a four mile drive down the road to Rutledge Falls.

Rutledge is located on private property but the owners have always allowed public access to the falls. Their generosity keeps this fall in the eyes of admirers and is located just 100 FEET off the road in the homes backyard.

Wouldn’t you love to have this backyard view!

IMG_4737 IMG_4743 IMG_4747 IMG_4751

Machine Falls (Short Springs State Natural Area) 3-28-15

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Part two of my day hike to Short Springs is the elegant and majestic MACHINE FALLS.

It is hard to believe that this could be on a short hiking trail in the middle of an ordinary small town like Tullahoma. You can hear it before you see it, and once you get to the foot bridge you are forced to walk along a small ledge, or perhaps in the water itself before rounding the corner and seeing it standing there.

First timers are always amazed—but many timers like myself are continuously amazed at the beauty of this majestic waterfall.

IMG_4680 IMG_4684 IMG_4685 IMG_4686 IMG_4690 IMG_4704-1 IMG_4707-1 IMG_4712

Busby Falls (Short Springs State Natural Area) 3-28-15

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This is part one of a three part post of my trip to Short Springs State Natural Area in Tullahoma, Tennessee. It is amazing how much you can  pack into a 4 mile hike.

This is one of my favorite places to hike,especially in the spring when the wildflowers begin to sprout out in their beauty.

This part is the first fall of the hike called Busby Falls:

IMG_4643 IMG_4646 IMG_4647 IMG_4648 IMG_4671 IMG_4675

Frozen Head State Park 3-18-15

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I went with a few friends to Frozen Head Sate Park near Wartburg, Tennessee and we hiked the Bird Mountain Trail which is part of the Cumberland Trail.

I had visited Frozen Head only once previously and hiked the North-South Old Mac trail to the lookout tower. The tower was closed on this visit due to many fallen trees and power lines that were currently being cleared by inmates from the Brushy Mountain Prison facility nearby.

The hike was approximately 7 miles and had a huge elevation on the first part…the upside to that is the second half from Castle Rock on was downhill.

20150318_131509 20150318_131719-1 20150318_134640 20150318_143429 20150318_143611 20150318_143805 20150318_143812 IMG_4442-2 IMG_4446 IMG_4457

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