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October 2012

366 Days in the Life of ME! 305/366 Happy Halloween

305/366 Happy Halloween

BOOKS, BOoks and more books

At the beginning of 2012, I set some goals for myself–New Year Resolutions if you want to get technical.

One was to work harder at my photography and try to learn to photograph many different things..I think I have been successful there.

One was to READ MORE BOOKS. I set myself a goal of 150 NEW Books that I would read this year. I read A LOT but even still 150 was a lofty goal. I have favorite books that like movies, I must read every year. There are a few of those but they are not calculated into my 150 goal. Those are just extras for the joy of reading.

My goal was not to just read the standard fiction fare of cops and robbers and crimes, but to saturate my mind with books on history and politics and even a classic or two that I might have missed in my youth.

My point is that I set the goal of 150 thinking it would be very difficult if not impossible to attain that goal.

I would like to announce that today October 29, 2012- I completed a novel that was my ONE HUNDRED AND FIFTIETH of the year.

AND..not only did I meet my goal, but I also have time for a few more.

Books A Million

366 Days in the Life of ME! 304/366 Zonked!

304/366 Zonked!

366 Days in the Life of ME! 303/366 Three Little Piglets

303/366 Three Little Piglets

366 Days in the Life of ME! 302/366 Jailbird

Sam is sitting in this kennel when he hates sitting in kennels…why? Because I’m babysitting Gertie the beagle and that is HER kennel.


366 Days in the Life of ME! 301/366 Welcome To The Machine….

Machine Falls in all her glory!

301/366 Welcome To The Machine

366 Days in the Life of ME! 300/366 River of Dreams

300/366 River of Dreams

366 Days in the Life of ME! 299/366 Roadside Attraction

In keeping with the fall color scheme…

299/366 Roadside Attraction

BEST of 2012 Re-Visited

With just less than 70 days remaining in this year, I have updated my “Best Of” series for the third quarter of the year. If you want to see what I think is my best please click this link: Best of 2012 (so far)

some highlights:

Fall Color
Cumberland Mountain
Machine Falls


Please Check Out My Best Of 2012 at the link above!

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