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April 2012

366 Days in the Life of ME! 122/366 Chiseled Features

These stones were “attached” to the wall of this cemetery. They were mortared on and each stone was different. Interesting.


122/366 Chiseled Features


366 Days in the Life of ME! 121/366 Twin Peaks

The stunning view of Grandfather Mountain from the bottom.


121/366 Twin Peaks

Savage Gulf State Natural Area 4-28-12

Savage Gulf State Natural Area 4-28-12

The day was most beautiful for a 10 mile hike through the Savage Gulf in Beersheba Springs, Tennessee. Myself along with Murfreesboro Tennessee Trail members Martin McCullough, Ann Ford and Gary Frost and a visitor from Knoxville, Pat Serio enjoyed fabulous views from the top of the Great Stone Door before heading down the crack to the Big Creek Gulf Trail.

The BCG, as it is known, is a tough hike due to the many rocks and uneven terrain—but to get to get to Ranger Falls, you have to go that way.

Ranger Falls was flowing nicely and it was nice to feel the spray on such a warm day. We ate our lunch at the falls and then made it back from the spur trail to the BCG so that we could continue to the top. Once there, and after a very nice extended rest we trudged back towards Stone Door along the Big Creek Rim trail which affords beautiful views of the valley below (which is where we were).

I have hiked Savage Gulf many times but NEVER when it has been lined so beautifully with blooming Mountain Laurel….it was everywhere pink and white and it was absolutely stunning to see so much in one place.

The total mileage for this hike was just about 10 miles and all of us felt every bit of it. We all came through happy and healthy and ready to hike another day….


366 Days in the Life of ME! 120/366 Horizons

A view along the Blue Ridge Parkway in Virginia


120/366 Horizons

366 Days in the Life of ME! 119/366 Balancing Act

How this rock has remained in this position is beyond me—but its been there for a long long time.


119/366 Balancing Act

366 Days in the Life of ME! 118/366 Reflections

NO—the photo IS NOT upside down!


118/366 Reflections

VOTE NOW! My next photo trip should be to….(where?)

Help me choose my next photocation–I am only planning a weekend so it has to be nearer to Middle Tennessee. I’ve listed my choices below, now if you would please vote, my decision will be made for me!

366 Days in the Life of ME! 117/366 Tentacles

I just love these trees that have nice exposed roots…..almost like in a horror film.


117/366 Tentacles

366 Days in the Life of ME! 116/366 The Muse


116/366 The Muse

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