Well, I have been blogsurfing lately and have enjoyed many many different kinds of photo style blogs. Many of those I have saved to my blog list for future looks.

Most are full of beautiful pictures only–some have beautiful pictures and some great “thoughts and anecdotes” and some just have a picture and “thoughts and anecdotes.”

My desire for this blog was to just use it as a place to show off my photos but then I discovered that I was also placing the same photos on my Facebook page (AWJ Photography) and Flickr so I’ve set out to make a change.

I want this blog to tell the stories of the photos; sights, sounds, smells and give history and my own two cents worth of information—

SO, COMING SOON!  This same blog turns into my NEW blog. Same title, new look and content. I’m looking forward to telling you the story behind the photos and not just showing you photos.

My Facebook page and Flickr accounts will not change–they will continue to host the full albums.

My vacation is coming up in a week, so look for changes SOON!