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February 2013

Pot Point 2-9-13

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This post is a little delayed but I recently went with members of the Highland Rim chapter of the Tennessee Trails Association to Pot Point Loop Trail at Prentice Cooper State Forest near Chattanooga.

The weather was cold but the scenery was beautiful as we meandered along the Tennessee River Gorge–looking down into the same river that I have kayaked on occasion gave me a different perspective of the shape of the river. It was hard to believe there were so many bends in the river as you really don’t notice them when you are kayaking.

We started out at Snooper’s Rock and hiked about three miles in to the Natural Bridge and then hiked back out the way we came in. It was a great day for a hike and some great company to hike with.

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Barns 2013 #19 Utilitarian

This barn is located on the corner of Jefferson Pike and US HWY 231 and seems to be designed to be multifunctional. It looks as though it ma have been a dairy farm at one time or maybe they stored grain in those huge silos, but the barn has electric, two functional doors and a window air conditioner.

Barns 2013 #19 Utilitarian
Barns 2013 #19 Utilitarian

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