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August 2014

Sterling’s Gender Reveal Shoot 8-3-14

I had my first real photoshoot in early August of this year.

A lady I knew in High School contacted me on Facebook and asked if I could do a Gender Reveal shoot for her daughter. I was shocked to be asked but humbled at the same time because most photographers while they are told they do good work are generally very hard on themselves and I was terrified of what the results might be.

So, I agreed and I also did it for the work and experience and considered it a “Grandma Gift” to my Facebook pal Joanna Sloan a/k/a  Natasha Amadeus.

I had fun and enjoyed meeting her family and I hope they liked the photos. 

I have waited until I think enough time has passed that everyone who may know them now knows that Sterling Gray is having a GIRL!

I am only posting a few of the pictures and they are only going to be on this blog. While I took the pictures, I feel it is the duty of Joanna and her daughter to release the full set if they wish.

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Stewarts Creek to Percy Priest Lake Float 7-27-14

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Me and Neal H. Pence caught up on old times while floating around Priest Lake. We started out on Stewarts Creek behind the National Guard Armory in Smyrna and went until it opened up into Percy Priest Lake and floated around and through some gorgeous islands. Neal calls the area Christmas Tree Islands due to the Christmas Tree shaped trees coming up out of the water.

I had never been on that end of Percy Priest lake before and it was wonderful. Looking forward to floating farther into and around that area.


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Downtown Nashville 7-19-14

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Took a great evening stroll around downtown Nashville with a great lady named Cynthia. We parked at the Titans Stadium and walked across the Shelby Pedestrian Bridge and meandered all over the lower section of downtown. We took in the sites including my first trip inside of the new Music City Center which is amazingly large. Strolled through Printers Alley and down lower Broadway to Second Avenue where we stopped into Piranha’s Honkytonk for a beer and to watch a local bar band for a while.

It was a cloudy night, but no rain. Nice, warm and perfect weather for walking.

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Little Island 7-12-14

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Went on an afternoon kayak float at Tims Ford Lake to Little Island where some friends were camping. I did not camp but joined them for a leisurely float to the island and back and then for dinner in Winchester and then I went back home. They camped the whole weekend there.

Tims Ford is a beautiful lake located in Winchester, Tennessee and has a dam and a State Park along its borders.








UPDATE 8-11-14

I have tons of pictures and posts to share but I have been very busy with the new-ish job and have been devoting my time to the rewards of work.

I actually shot my first real photo shoot. I did it as a favor to an old high school friend whose daughter is having a baby. It was a “Gender Reveal” shoot and it went quite well.

I have been to a few places in the last month and hope to get everything caught up very soon.

Thanks for taking an interest in my work!


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