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June 2012

366 Days in the Life of ME! 183/366 Abandoned (Part Three)


183/366 Abandoned (Part Three)


366 Days in the Life of ME! 182/366 Abandoned (Part Two)

Another shot of the vacation home ruins at Elkmont.



182/366 Abandoned (Part Two)

366 Days in the Life of ME! 181/366 Abandoned (Part One)

This was one of the many abandoned vacation homes in the old Elkmont area of the Smokies.


181/366 Abandoned (Part One)

366 Days in the Life of ME! 180/366 Internal


180/366 Internal

366 Days in the Life of ME! 179/366 Miss Happy Beagle

Gertie—This gal was once (ours) now she is just hers. But ain’t she a sweetie.


179/366 Miss Happy Beagle

366 Days in the Life of ME! 178/366 Lazy Hound


178/366 Lazy Hound

Laurel Falls Trail 6-24-12 (Full Gallery)

The last day in the Smokies we visited Laurel Falls. The falls were 1.3 miles away on a steady but short ascent along a partially paved path to the falls. The falls were busy and beautiful.

My four fellow hikers went on to Cove Mountain Tower while I meandered back down to the parking area to relax and sit my tired rump in the car when I got a surprise. A BEAR! Yes, a real live bear. I’ve traveled to the Smokies lots of times and never seen one but always wanted to. This young lady was a yearling who was creating her den right there under a big fallen tree.


Ramsey Cascades Trail 6-23-12 (Full Gallery)

Saturday’s hike was FAR different from the relatively easy hike the day before. Ramsey Cascades starts out easy enough until it leaves the flat gravel road and begins the ascent up to the falls.

It was 4.8 miles from the parking area to the falls and the last 2.5 of them was STRAIGHT UP a mostly rocky trail to the base of the falls.

The Ramsey Cascade was very much worth the effort of climbing to the top. Once at the top you can rest and relax in the natural air-conditioning of the falls….then you have the knowledge that you have to go all the way back down the way you came. With the exception of the 30 minutes or so that we spent at the falls we were hiking for almost seven solid hours and it felt like it.

I slept well Saturday night.


After the hike, we went into Gatlinburg for a meal at the Hard Rock Cafe and then we walked around for a few minutes. Gatlinburg was as it always has been….a huge tourist trap!


Little River and Cucumber Gap Trails 6-22-12 (Full Gallery)

This was a weekend of camping, hiking and friendship. Five of us from the Tennessee Trails Association stayed at the Elkmont Campground in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park and hiked about 25 miles through some of the most beautiful scenery in the Eastern United States.

Friday night we hiked The Little River and Cucumber Gap Trails near Elkmont. The trail follows the Little River through the remnants of the Elkmont Vacation community–which was abandoned by the home owners after the federal government took the land for the park.


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