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September 2013

Belle Meade Mansion & Plantation (Nashville, Tennessee) 9-28-13

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The Belle Meade Mansion and Plantation is an early 1800’s plantation and Civil War battle area. The Union occupied the house during the Occupation of Nashville and the home has been wonderfully preserved for us by the Historical Society.

The area consists of the main home, a carriage house (with several real coach carriages to view), it has slave quarters, a dairy, a mausoleum and even a large dollhouse.

The Winery that is located here also has daily wine tastings and there is a restaurant on site. All kinds of events happen here both for the public and private events as well.

This is one of the premier landmark homes in Nashville.

Get more info on the Belle Meade Mansion & Plantation HERE! 

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Tennessee State Prison 9-28-13

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This old prison is decaying by the year. Closed in 1992, it has become a place for the movies; The Green Mile and The Last Castle were both filmed here as well as many videos. Other movies made here are about the city itself or events that occurred here; Marie and Nashville.

This prison is closed to the public and there is a guard there with an M-16 (I can’t imagine why) and after I gave him my “I’ve always wanted to photograph this place” sappy spiel, he allowed me to drive up there. he said I could get on the car, hang out of the car, stand on the door frame of the car BUT my feet could not touch the ground.

Lots of rules for a closed prison that has a security fence already around it.

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For more info on our famous prison go here

Barns 2013: Barn # 55 Ghostlights

I found this old weedy red barn in the Liberty, TN area and as I was washing it through Picasa, I couldn’t find anything I liked. So I just used a little saturation to alter the light coming through the barn. The effect is not what I anticipated, but I like it anyway.

Barn 55 Ghostlights
Barn 55 Ghostlights

Barns 2013: Barn #54 Country Barn

Here is a barn that is located near Short Mountain between Woodbury and Smithville.

I love the arch of this barn. The barn is actually white, but after playing with the colors a little to bring out the field and trees it ended up like this. I think I REALLY like this one.

Barn 54 Country Barn
Barn 54 Country Barn

Barns 2013: Barn #53 Vortex

Everything is being sucked into the center. Barn located on Short Mountain Highway in Smithville, Tennessee


Barn 53 Vortex
Barn 53 Vortex

Barns 2013: Barn # 52 In Hiding

This barn off Florence Road in Murfreesboro has trees placed just so that it looks like the barn is hiding– I love the color of this barn which seems to be a much redder red than the normal “red barns”

Barn 52 In Hiding
Barn 52 In Hiding

Barns 2013: Barn #51 FIRE!

This barn is located somewhere in Murfreesboro. Unfortunately,I didn’t write it down because I just knew I’d remember—YEAH RIGHT!

I love the distance that this barn has from the camera and the field of corn that sits in front. I darkened the cornfield just a bit and if you look at it carefully, it might just look like a field of fire?

It does to me. You’re interpretations are welcome!

Barn 51 FIRE!
Barn 51 FIRE!


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