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May 2012

366 Days in the Life of ME! 148/366 Bicentennial Bells

Via Flickr:
These bells are located in an arc shape at The Tennessee Bicentennial Mall State Park in Downtown Nashville.

I have decided to restart my 366 project from where I left off….I might add enough down the road to make it to 366, but I may not. After a week off, I felt like restarting it.


Nashville Urban Hike 5-30-12

Nashville Urban Hike 5-30-12 (Full Gallery)

I joined up with 46 other hikers tonight from the Nashville Hiking Meetup group and we walked five miles around Nashville at sunset. I usually walk around the Broadway (entertainment) district when I hike there but today I opted for the Urban Hike that took us into areas of Nashville that I have not visited in a while. The James Robertson Parkway area to the Bicentennial Mall, a stroll through the heart of Germantown to the Capitol and across Andrew Jackson Plaza down to Broadway where we walked a block and then turned on Fourth and just passed the Symphony Center we cut across and took the Shelby Pedestrian Bridge back to LP Field and then to Thai Phoo Ket where our trip started.

Nashville has such a beautiful downtown area and is easy to walk and fun to photograph.


Savage Gulf State Natural Area 5-27-12

Savage Gulf State Natural Area (Full Gallery)

It’s getting HOT but that does not necessarily rule out a hike. Today, I led six of us hot blooded souls on a 6.3 mile shuttle hike to Savage Gulf State Natural Area in Beersheba Springs, Tennessee.

We parked a car at the Stone Door Ranger Station and another at Greeter Falls so that this would be a one way hike.

We started at the ranger station and walked one mile to the Great Stone Door Overlook then another three and a half miles around the Big Creek Rim trail to the Alum Gap campsite where we took a much needed rest and ate our lunch. Then it was another couple miles to Greeter Falls via a nearly dry Boardtree Falls. Greeter was very nice and flowing nicely. The water was ice cold but that did not stop some brave souls from getting into it.

Luckily, I don’t think it actually reached the “feels like” temperature that they were predicting….although hot and humid it was still a fairly comfortable hike.


366 Days in the Life of ME! 147/366 Old Gray Boy

147/366 Old Gray Boy by AWJ-photography
147/366 Old Gray Boy, a photo by AWJ-photography on Flickr.

Mr. Sam

Collins River Kayak 5-23-12

Collins River Kayak (Full Gallery Here)

The Collins River was a very nice float. The water was crystal clear for the whole trip and we could see the bottom and everything floating or swimming in it. That was cool.

I have floated lots of rivers and never have seen one that clear. Most of them aren’t clear.

I went with friends Dick McClure and Joan Hartvigsen and we floated 6.4 miles with very low current—which means we had to work hard but it was well worth it.


366 Days in the Life of ME! 146/366 Silver and Gold

The Stones River

366 Days in the Life of ME! 145/366 Just use YOUR imagination…

YES. Look at it for a while and see if your noodle shows you anything?…

366 Days in the Life of ME! 144/366 FOUR Plex

144/366 FOUR Plex by AWJ-photography
144/366 FOUR Plex, a photo by AWJ-photography on Flickr.

366 Days in the Life of ME! 143/366 THE Beagle

143/366 THE Beagle by AWJ-photography
143/366 THE Beagle, a photo by AWJ-photography on Flickr.

Via Flickr:
Charles Barkley

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