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August 2012

366 Days in the Life of ME! 245/366 The Midway

Wilson County Fair. 2012


366 Days in the Life of ME! 244/366 just a’swangin

This used to be one of my favorite rides….not so much today!


244/366 just a’swangin

366 Days in the Life of ME! 243/355 The ROOK, The QUEEN, The KING

Evergreen Cemetery. Murfreesboro, Tennessee


243/366 The ROOK, The QUEEN, The KING

366 Days in the Life of ME! 242/366 REACH UP

Evergreen Cemetery. Murfreesboro, Tennessee


242/366 REACH UP

Cheekwood Botanical Gardens 8-28-12

To see the full Gallery click HERE!

My friend Paula gave me a free pass to Cheekwood Botanical Gardens and Art Museum in Nashville and today, I went. It was HOT walking around the gardens, but it was well worth it.

There were flowers of all shapes sizes and colors in the Color Garden, The Japanese Garden, The Water Garden, The Boxwood Garden and the Perennial Garden as well as the fantastic Treehouse exhibit that is going on through Labor Day weekend and of course, there is the house.

All of the beautiful gardens and sculptures are outside and inside the house (photography was not allowed inside) is the Cheekwood Art Museum. A three level mansion with different themed rooms of art of all kinds from Silver Pieces, to Modern Art, to the William Edmondson Sculpture Collection and much much more. The house was air conditioned and very beautiful.

The treehouses were a sight to see, each built by individual sponsors….I really wanted to photograph them in depth but there was a little thing called CHILDREN—-and hundreds of them that made it impossible to shoot the houses without shooting them too (no pun intended)–but it was clearly obvious that they were having a wonderful time and the treehouses seem to be a smash hit.

This treehouse fish is made out of CD’s. The entire fish is mesh and these CD’s are attached to look like sequins.


366 Days in the Life of ME! 241/366 Fishing

Caught this little duckie looking for a snack at the Wetlands at Murfree Springs


241/366 Fishing

366 Days in the Life of ME! 240/366 Brother Love’s Traveling Salvation Show


240/366 Brother Love’s Traveling Salvation Show

Piney River Float 8-25-12

To see the full Gallery click HERE!

Today I had my first opportunity to float down the Piney River near Nunnely, Tennessee in Hickman County. It was a beautiful river and would have been my favorite so far had it not been for the river being so low.

I joined in with the Nashville Meetup Group, Nashville Outdoor Adventures Club and we had about 35 or so kayaking the river. We stopped mid way for a weenie roast and a smorgasbord of great food that we all pitched in and brought to share.

It was a great afternoon!


366 Days in the Life of ME! 239/366 Corn Dogs

I don’t know what these plants are called….but they do look like Corn Dogs  🙂


239/366 Corn Dogs

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