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October 2013

President James K. Polk Home (Columbia, Tennessee) 10-29-13

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There is a plaque on the wall inside the museum that reads “James K. Polk, THE ONLY president in history to KEEP ALL of his campaign promises.” Politicians could learn much by studying the past. I bet Polk would never have told the American people that they could “KEEP” something if they liked it knowing well it was a bald face lie. Polk had CHARACTER and INTEGRITY something that many presidents lack.

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Barns 2013: Barn #57 Neglect

Barn 57 Neglect
Barn 57 Neglect

Found this cool but creepy barn just outside of Springfield, Tennessee—I would bet it would be a haven for venomous snakes and spiders with fangs!

Barns 2013: Barn #56 Plain Old Ordinary

This is a cool barn and I have no idea where I took this. It is ordinary but I like it.

Barn 56 Plain Old Ordinary
Barn 56 Plain Old Ordinary

Virgin Falls 10-19-13

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It was a nice cool day for a hike and it was 8 miles round trip to one of the states most beautiful falls. We were lucky and avoided the rain. Hiked with the Murfreesboro Tennessee Trails Chapter including Ann Jacobs, Sara Pollard, Roy Duncan and Ann Ford. We were also joined by Roy’s brother Howard and his brother in-law, Stacy as well as other members from a meetup group in the area.

A word of advice: While viewing the falls is very much worth the walk back to them, when you haven’t hiked since June it might not be wise to attempt such a feat.

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Edgar Evins State Park 8th Annual History Hayride 10-12-13

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History Hayride-Miscellaneous 

History Hayride-DAY

History Hayride-NIGHT

This was my first “official” photography gig. It was the 8th annual History Hayride at Edgar Evins State Park. Which is produced by the Friends of Edgar Evins State Park, Inc. I am a good friend of the president Fount Bertram and his wife Anna Schultheis Bertram and they asked me to do this. I was glad to.

Since it was a gig, I refrained from my usual enhancements and just took pictures of the event–I’ve noted names where I could remember. The shoot is in three parts with all of the gallery links above.

SPECIAL THANKS to Anna and Fount Bertram for their hard work with the Edgar Evins Friends Group and for inviting me to take these pictures and to all of the volunteers who came out to make this 8th annual event a success.

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Also check out the following links for more information:

Edgar Evins State Park

Friends of Edgar Evins State Park

Friends of Edgar Evins State Park-Facebook

Neuhoff Packing Company (The Slaughterhouse) 10-11-13

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This old Slaughterhouse (Neuhoff Packing Company) is located at 1st and Monroe in the Germantown area of Nashville. Long defunct and decaying—THIS is where both of my grandfathers worked. There were places to sneak in–BUT NOT ME!

Sadly, I do not know the history of this building and there is nothing in Wiki to even attempt to help me out.

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Murfree Springs Wetlands 10-10-13

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The Murfree Springs Wetlands is located at the Discovery Center at Murfree Springs in Murfreesboro, Tennessee.

The wetlands has a maze of boardwalks over the “lake” area and that is called the Bart Gordon Nature Trail and is an active protected wetlands.

It amazes me that something like this can be in the middle of the city.

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Took a stroll and came across these wildflowers blooming beautifully in the fall air. All wildflowers were found in Murfreesboro, Tennessee.

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Castle Heights Military Academy 10-10-13

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NOT ALWAYS the best source, but for a little info on the history of Castle Heights click HERE!

I was in Lebanon, Tennessee today and decided to go and see what’s left of the old Castle Heights Military Academy. The main buildings are still there and the big castle has been renovated and is now the main offices for the City of Lebanon.

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