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April 2013

Barns 2013: Barn #36 …at the Gorge

FINALLY! A barn with a great quilt pattern. This barn was located at the old Gladie homestead area of the Red River Gorge and I nearly broke my leg trying to leap out of the Suburban to take the photos—


Barn 36 the Gorge
Barn 36 the Gorge

Red River Gorge National Geological Park (Slade, Kentucky) 4-27-13

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The Red River Gorge National Geological Park is located near Slade, Kentucky and was the main attraction on our camping/hiking weekend.

The Gorge is a 35 mile ring of sheer rock walls with nearly 70 miles of hiking inside the ring and many many natural rock houses and arches (or natural bridges).

The scenery was wonderful and the park is one of the best that I have been to in the Southeastern United States. BUT–you cannot see it all in a day. We packed a huge amount into a day and only saw a few of the arches. You really need at least FOUR days to visit in full and a week if you want to “experience” it with the hiking trails.

We should have camped here as there were many places along the Red River to pitch camp and enjoy the scenery.

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Double Arch
Double Arch


Double Arch
Double Arch
Whistling Arch
Whistling Arch
Angel Windows
Angel Windows
(L-R) Linda Hudson, Marcia Medford, Joan Hartvigsen and Dick McClure at Angel Windows. Not Pictured: Tony Jones (photographer)
(L-R) Linda Hudson, Marcia Medford, Joan Hartvigsen and Dick McClure at Angel Windows. Not Pictured: Tony Jones (photographer)
A view from the Chimney's
A view from the Chimney’s






Natural Bridge State Park (Slade, Kentucky) 4-26-13

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The Natural Bridge
The Natural Bridge From Lookout Point

This was a weekend of natural arches, wildflowers and a little hiking. We camped here at Natural Bridge State Park in Slade, Kentucky and on the first day walked a couple of trails here, including the one that goes to the natural bridge which is absolutely fantastic. You can walk atop the bridge and on over to lookout point where you can see for miles and have a direct view of the arch.

We also walked the short wildflower trail that was filled with flowers, lush green, water cascades, bridges and unique rock and root formations.

Although I was impressed with the scenery around the park, I was very disappointed in the campgrounds. They looked unkempt and were too small and crowded. The camping grounds were not very attractive or “homey” as campgrounds should be.

I can’t wait to visit this park again but I will never cam there again.

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Barns 2013: Barn #35 Dilton-Mankin (III)

The third and final view of this barn

Barn 35 Dilton-Mankin (III)
Barn 35 Dilton-Mankin (III)

Barns 2013: Barn #34 Dilton-Mankin (II)

View Two of Three

Barn 34 Dilton-Mankin (II)
Barn 34 Dilton-Mankin (II)

Barns 2013: Barn #33 Dilton-Mankin (I)

This barn is located on Dilton-Mankin Road in Murfreesboro and is the first of three different views of the same barn. The barn is located practically on the street which runs directly in front of the fence.

Barn 33 Dilton-Mankin (I)
Barn 33 Dilton-Mankin (I)

BRIT FLOYD 4-17-13 TPAC Jackson Hall-Nashville, TN

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Have you ever wanted to see PINK FLOYD live but never had the chance? Well last night at Tennessee Performing Arts Center Andrew Jackson Hall was the band BRIT FLOYD.

No, not the real thing—but very close. This “tribute” band was spot on with music, lyrics and even the spectacular Pink Floyd light show. In fact, if you shut your eyes you would have thought you were actually at a Pink Floyd concert.

Nearly 20 years ago, Millette and I saw the Floyd twice on the Division Bell tour in both Houston and Nashville and I’ve seen Roger Waters as a solo act three times including last years great revival of The Wall. These guys and ladies that make up the band are professional, very talented and are true to the Pink Floyd sound and projection—could not have asked for a better show (unless it was an actual Pink Floyd show) and considering that Pink Floyd is now officially defunct, this IS the best you are ever going to get.

The lights were moving very fast and I was using but an humble iPhone so the pictures are not spectacular–but they give you an idea of the professionalism of this band.


In the Flesh?

The Thin Ice

Another Brick in the Wall (part 1)

The Happiest Days of Our Lives

Another Brick in the Wall (part 2)


Shine On You Crazy Diamond

Welcome To The Machine


Us & Them

Any Colour You Like

Brain Damage



Pigs on the Wing


Take It Back

Coming Back To Life

Keep Talking

High Hopes

Wish You Were Here


The Great Gig In The Sky

One Of These Days

Comfortably Numb

Run Like Hell

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Barns 2013: Barn #32 Over The Hills And Far Away

Monterey, Tennessee

Barn 32 Over The Hills And Far Away
Barn 32 Over The Hills And Far Away

4-13-13 Welcoming Spring

It’s FINALLY springtime in Tennessee. I just love it when the trees bloom and the flowers bud and the warm temperatures arrive.

I had a lunch date at The Aquarium in Opry Mills and I stopped off at the Courtyard of The Grand Ole Opry House to take these pictures.

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