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May 2013

Temple Cemetery 5-29-13

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Temple Cemetery is located in Nashville, Tennessee and is the city’s oldest and largest Jewish Cemetery. Some of the monuments in this cemetery date back to the mid 1800’s

While the monuments are not as ornate as the Mount Olivet monuments it still is a very interesting place. The Temple is located on Clay Street in North Nashville jut off of Clarksville Highway near Bordeaux and Tennessee State University.

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The Parthenon (Nashville, Tennessee) 5-29-13

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Yes it was a beautiful day for taking photos. I had to go out early because the temperature is going to reach 90 degrees here today and that is a little hotter than I care to walk around in.

Other than the Ryman or The Grand Ole Opry House, the Parthenon may be one of the most iconic buildings in Nashville. And it has most certainly held together (so far) better than the original in Athens.

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Barren Fork River 5-25-13

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Saturday was a beautiful day for a kayak float. This happened to be my first of the season as I’m a little late getting started this year–due to work and several weekends of rain.

But then I got an invite to float on a river that I did not even know existed. The Barren Fork River in McMinnville, Tennessee is a feeder river to the Collins River which we merged onto about half way. We floated about 9 miles or so and the scenery was beautiful. I always like floating on rivers that I have never seen so that I can get river experience and see different things….All rivers are basically the same while being different at the same time.

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Majestic Murfreesboro

This post is not dated because it will be an ongoing series of things, people and places around Murfreesboro, Tennessee.

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The first few shots were taken at Cannonsburgh Pioneer Village…..more to come.

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Barns 2013: Barn #39 Overgrowth

This barn (located amongst the weeds) is on Halls Hill Pike in Murfreesboro. Obviously it gets little use today.

Barn 39 Overgrowth
Barn 39 Overgrowth

Signs Signs Everywhere a Sign…

Most of these signs on today’s post are from Cannonsburgh while I was visiting there. They are manipulated in various ways. My Flickr album (SIGNS) will be updated periodically with new signs as I find them.

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Barns 2013: Barn #38 RED and YELLOW

This fantastic barn was located on Guy James Road in Lascassas. Look at the gorgeous weedy grass in front.

Barn 38 RED and YELLOW
Barn 38 RED and YELLOW

Barns 2013: Barn #37 Patterns

The quilt pattern up close

Barn 37 Patterns
Barn 37 Patterns


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