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February 2014

Horses with Horns…..Moyles

Mountain Horses


Rex Moyle developed the Moyle as a light riding horse in Idaho during the mid-20th century from mustangs brought from Utah. They are usually bay or brown and often have frontal bosses or horns. They are rare.

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Majestic Sunsets

Just a few mountainous sunset pictures that I took–just got lucky enough to see these beautiful creations

L1030725 L1030726 L1030727 L1030730 L1030731 L1030733 L1030765

Cumberland River Bicentennial Trail (Ashland City, TN) 2-1-14

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Part of the National Rails To Trails Program located in Ashland City Tennessee, this old railroad bed was converted to a greenway which follows the path of the old train track. A highlight of this little trek is an original train trestle over the Cumberland River.

I invited some fellow Tennessee Trails members to go with me since we did not have an “official” hike scheduled this weekend and I had only one taker—Ann Ford and I enjoyed this little hike. It was flat, but much longer than I expected.

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