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The Hidden Lake Double Loop Trail is located at the relatively new but tiny Harpeth River State Park in West Nashville, Tennessee

The site is located around a quarry that once used to be the backdrop for a 1920’s era resort that burned and was never rebuilt. Part of the trail actually passes through an area known as the “Dancefloor”. It was an outdoor area that overlooked the quarry (Hidden Lake) and you can see remnants of the old concrete floor, a submarine shaped water tank that I assume was used for a wet bar type attraction and there is even an old basketball hoop now high up in an old cedar tree.

Sadly, this area is the only part of the old resort that is still visible to the eye. There are some old homesteads there that are dilapidated and expected to be removed.

From the arc of the ridge trail overlooking the resort site you can see the Tennessee National Veterans Cemetery.

The area sits along the Harpeth River and there are plentiful places to drop your kayak or canoe in as well for a great float.

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