I had my first real photoshoot in early August of this year.

A lady I knew in High School contacted me on Facebook and asked if I could do a Gender Reveal shoot for her daughter. I was shocked to be asked but humbled at the same time because most photographers while they are told they do good work are generally very hard on themselves and I was terrified of what the results might be.

So, I agreed and I also did it for the work and experience and considered it a “Grandma Gift” to my Facebook pal Joanna Sloan a/k/a  Natasha Amadeus.

I had fun and enjoyed meeting her family and I hope they liked the photos. 

I have waited until I think enough time has passed that everyone who may know them now knows that Sterling Gray is having a GIRL!

I am only posting a few of the pictures and they are only going to be on this blog. While I took the pictures, I feel it is the duty of Joanna and her daughter to release the full set if they wish.

BW2-2 BW3 BW4-1 Color 4-1 Color 4-2 Color1-1 Color8-2 Color14 Color15 color16