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Had a wonderful float down the Barren Fork River connecting to the Collins River this past Sunday. We put in at the Barren Fork River Dam and took out at the VFW in McMinnville, Tennessee.

Some of the great folks on the float with me were: Wayne Yancey,Sara Beene PollardCynthia MeinerdingKat Niehaus WilliamsSteve WatsonPaula Ponath, Nora Henn, Cindy Watson, Gary Kimbrell and George Thomason among many others. If I forgot to list you, I’m very sorry.

It was a beautiful day and we were safe from rain until about the last fifteen minutes of the float and then it rained. It never rained hard, but it was enough to get us wetter as we were already floating and had been in the water as well. There were a few rumbles of thunder which got some of us nervous because where there is thunder there is generally lightening and we were on the water–of course. Not a good place to be, but we never actually saw lightening and there were only a few thunder claps so the rain was really the only issue.


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