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Today’s float was a 10.7 miler on the Duck River. we put in at Dement Bridge near Normandy, TN and took out at the HWY 41A Bridge near Shelbyville.

The river was up due to the very wet summer that we have had so far and as a result the obstacles in the water were plentiful. I found out the hard way when my kayak met a very big underwater log and flipped. At the time, I felt no injuries and finished the float without any issues. But, late in the day the pain started. I may have a cracked wrist and my left foot is swollen and blue from bruising.

I guess I should consider myself lucky because in the years that I have been kayaking, I have never been injured. Although, I have flipped quite a bit there has never been anything serious come from it except hurt pride.

We had 20 people on our float. It was mainly people from various chapters of the Tennessee Trails Association . Special thanks to Tom Bentley for putting the trip together.

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