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The Natural Bridge
The Natural Bridge From Lookout Point

This was a weekend of natural arches, wildflowers and a little hiking. We camped here at Natural Bridge State Park in Slade, Kentucky and on the first day walked a couple of trails here, including the one that goes to the natural bridge which is absolutely fantastic. You can walk atop the bridge and on over to lookout point where you can see for miles and have a direct view of the arch.

We also walked the short wildflower trail that was filled with flowers, lush green, water cascades, bridges and unique rock and root formations.

Although I was impressed with the scenery around the park, I was very disappointed in the campgrounds. They looked unkempt and were too small and crowded. The camping grounds were not very attractive or “homey” as campgrounds should be.

I can’t wait to visit this park again but I will never cam there again.

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