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The best medicine for a nasty headache? A HIKE! Yes, Indeed. It did nothing for my headache but wow what gorgeous scenery. Long Hunter State Park is located in the southern rim of Davidson County where it meets Wilson County near Mt. Juliet.

Long Hunter is a smallish park but it has several trails of varying lengths. My choice trail today was the four mile loop Volunteer Trail located on the opposite side of the road from the main park. I have hiked this several times but never alone and when you hike alone you do miss the company but you do not miss the scenery. This trail meanders through thick woods and along the shoreline of Percy Priest Lake—during this time of the year you can see the lake from just about anywhere on the trail but obviously as the spring and summer blooms the all encompassing view trickles down to just shoreline view when you get to it.

The wildflowers were beginning to poke through and even the leaves are beginning to bud, but tonight it calls for light snow and I hope that it does not kill them.


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