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I led myself and nine members of the Tennessee Trails Association to Henry Horton State Park in Chapel Hill, Tennessee where we walked two very easy and short trails. The Wild Turkey Trail is just under 2 miles and the Wilhoite Mill Trail is just under a mile and we had about a mile of road-walking to and from and between the trails.

Henry Horton is a very small State Park, and the only one that I know of that has a major highway running right through the middle of it. Luckily, the road bisects the trail in just the right spot. The golf course is on one side and the park itself (cabins, trails, campgrounds and restaurant) are all on the other side. That made it less treacherous to traverse because we really didn’t have to cross the street—we just had to walk along side it. Highway 31E is a very busy thoroughfare.

After the hike, a few of us ate at the State Park Restaurant and were treated to a nice all you can eat buffet with salads and desserts.  Boy, did I eat!

The Wild Turkeys entering the Wild Turkey Trail. L-R, Bob Goodwin, King Jamison, Katy Perry, Bruce Harvey, Sandra Parker, James Smith, Radford Smith, Martin McCullough and Nabil Wakid. Not Pictured: Tony Jones (I was taking the picture)
Golden Fall Fields
Wild Turkey Trail
Shagbark Hickory–My favorite tree
Crossing The Duck River along busy Highway 31E. Pictured: Martin McCullough
The beautiful Duck River
The Wilhoite Mill Grind Wheel
The Wilhoite Mill Remains
Beautiful Fall Sky Through The Bare Trees

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