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The Murfreesboro chapter of the Tennessee Trails Association visited the Monterey, TN country home of chapter members Winston and Billie Jo Bowling, who graciously open their home and vast trails to us twice per year. This year the color was fantastic (although we worried on the way that we may be too late).

The Bowling’s son Tim joined us and led the hike for us through about four miles of some of the best color I have seen this year. We had 19 hikers including The Three Bowling’s and had our ritualistic after hike potluck feast which was hearty and filling as usual.

Front Row: Winston Bowling, Billie Jo Bowling,Jim Schroeder, Tim Bowling
Second Row: Grace Bluerock, King Jamison, Radford Smith, Nabil Wakid
Third Row: Steve Pollard, Haley McManigal, Dan McManigal
Back Row: Millette Jones, Tony Jones, Tracie Smith, Mary Belle Ginanni, James Smith
Not Pictured because she was taking the picture: Sara Pollard

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