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The Tennessee Trails Association, Murfreesboro Chapter led this wonderful hike to Bledsoe Creek State Park in Castalian Springs, Tennessee (near Gallatin). The fall colors were beginning to eke out and the weather was perfect. I was amazed at the Cypress Trees and the Cypress Knees that were abundant near the water. It is unusual to find these this far north.
After the hike we drove over to see the Historic Wynnewood Inn. This Inn was nearly destroyed by tornadoes a year or so back and has finally been restored and reopened to the public. We did not pay the admission price to view the inside but instead enjoyed a view of the outside and took some photos.

After that we headed to Crossroads Diner at the junction of Highway 25 and 231 for some sandwich fare. I think the name of the place was actually Bab’s Diner but who knows. It was good and hit the spot after the hike. I slept most of the way back because I managed to get stung on my finger by some nasty bee and it has swollen up like a cartoon hand  😦    I was given some antihistamine tablets by a fellow hiker and they promptly knocked me out once I got settled into the car.

A VERY friendly young buck
Some lichen for my camera
Left to Right: Nabil Wakid, Mary Belle Ginanni, King Jamison, Tony Jones,Jim Schroeder, James Smith, Tracey Smith and Darlene Bowman
A beautiful Egret
Cypress Knees
Bledsoe Creek
Fall in Color
Cypress overhang
More Fall Color
Historic Wynnewood Inn

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