Oaklands Mansion 7-5-12 (Full Gallery)

Driving home from work yesterday, I was looking for something to do so I stopped off at Barfield Park with the intention of hiking at least one of the trails there—-but it was WAY TOO HOT. I could hardly even stand to be outside so I decided to find something else to do.

I decided on the Oaklands Mansion. It was still hot, yes, but I didn’t have to hike. I just got of the car and took pictures of the mansion and the grounds. I chose not to do the tour because I have seen it umpteen times and IT NEVER CHANGES, so I just walked around and took pictures.

I decided to have some fun so I took all the photos with Camera + on my iPhone. I enhanced some, perhaps a bit too much, but like I said I just wanted to have fun with them.

Don’t forget the link at the top that will take you to the full gallery!