Roger Waters (Pink Floyd) THE WALL LIVE in Nashville 6-19-12

WHAT a FANTASTIC show. I have dreamed of seeing the full production of The Wall through most of teen years and all of my adult life and I finally got the chance.

Roger Waters, the co-founder of Pink Floyd brought THE WALL to Nashville and to say it was amazing is an understatement. I don’t quite think there is an adjective that would suitably describe the spectacle that I witnessed.

I am so happy that my parents were with me for this show. I love seeing them have a good time as much as they like seeing me have one.

I wont go into huge detail about the production of The Wall in case you might have tickets yourself—but if you are familiar with Pink Floyd or even The Wall itself, then you need no details…

These were taken with my iPhone and I haven’t quite mastered the art of iphonetography yet. So, please excuse a little blurriness.