It was indeed a gorgeous day for a hike. My basset (Katie) and I went for a five mile stroll along the Swan Creek at the Meriwether Lewis area of the Natchez Trace Parkway. I will be leading a hike here for the Trails group and I had to pre-hike it so I wouldn’t be a complete idiot trying to lead people along the trail.

The weather cooperated. We were given a concert of thunder and lots of it. The clouds were menacing at times but it NEVER rained. It seems that for the first time ever I timed it just perfect. When the hike was over and I got all of my stuff and the dog back in the car, it began to storm as I was pulling out of the parking area. HOW IS THAT FOR TIMING?

The trails were in good shape and the scenery was beautiful. The wildflowers were just beginning to perk up but no sign of the dogwoods in bloom. Maybe, in two weeks when I lead this hike we will see the blooming dogwoods.

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originally posted on 3-17-12